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If you have never commissioned custom software before, or even if you have, don’t worry! We make the process easy, affordable and reduce your risk.


Costs are clearly laid out in our initial proposal document which is agreed by all parties before any work starts or any costs are incurred. There are no nasty surprises down the line.


Although we specialise in Android, we can develop for most platforms and most development languages. We can even develop simple PIC solutions from board level up.

+44 (845) 0945 057

Other platforms?

Although we currently specialise on Android, we have years of experience on PC and other platforms.

iPhone versions can also be developed.  

We design and develop application software running on the Android platform. Custom solutions can be produced at low cost and in short time scales. Android is supported on an ever growing range of cheap hardware such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. It is the ideal solution to your data collection, marketing and information distribution needs.

What We Offer?

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