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Never commissioned custom software before? Don’t worry we make the process easy, affordable and reduce your risk.


The process starts with you defining your requirements. We discuss this and produce a proposal,including costs, which is agreed before any money exchanges hands.


Development usually follows 3 phases: detailed design, development and delivery. Payments are made at each stage and you have the option of withdrawing at the end of each phase.


The key to success is getting the design right from the outset, you must be prepared for your part in this. The more closely you define what you want, the quicker (and cheaper) we can produce it for you.

In collaboration with L2P driving school, we have released version 1.1 of the driver record app. This version supports posting your progress to your facebook wall.


The driver record app is a free product available on the Android market that replaces the paper record given out to learner drivers by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

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