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Student Manager for Driving Instructors
be advert free but pay-to-download and will provide accounting functions and will integrate with the in-built Android calendar. L2P are confident they will recover their development costs and have a long term source of income from the product.

The application demonstrates the use of some key technologies in the Android API including: Content provider, integration with the in-built phone book, calendar and scheduling, backup and restore etc.
The Student Manager for Driving Instructors application (ADImin) is a student record keeping and management application for the Android platform. It runs on most Android based mobile phones and tablet PCs which makes it the ideal in-car system.

It is currently being developed in collaboration with L2P Driving School both for their own use and to sell to other driving schools. It will be made available on the Google Android market in two versions: The Lite version will be advert supported but free to download and use and will support student contact and progress management. The full version will

ADImin has it’s own web site